Learn By Design is a full-service company. We proudly offer a variety of options to meet the needs of your organization’s e-learning objectives.

E-Learning Development

We love great e-learning. It’s a powerful, cost-effective training tool for businesses by delivering faster and more consistent learning. That’s why we specialize in designing exceptional courses to captivate and entertain the learner. Developing the material with clients, we focus on what the learner is going to experience and how we can make it entertaining and memorable. Our outstanding audio-visual presentations include our popular choose-your-own-adventure style of learning, which rewards the learner and achieves outstanding results.

Instructional Design Consulting

We work with clients to develop a unique way to engage, entertain and inform their learners. We break down information into entertaining, easy to understand modules, and deliver them in a memorable style that suits the subject matter. We deliver faster, more effective training that can save you money and help improve the efficiency of your company.

Gap Analysis/Learner Analysis/Training Analysis

Gap analysis allows clients to analyze actual business performance against its potential or targets you want to reach. In a Gap analysis, we work closely with the client to identify key problem areas, formulate objectives and goals, and successfully resolve the differences. This can involve such elements as; identifying who your learners are, their learning environment, how information is presented, expectations of the learner, and course length. Gap analysis is useful in developing better working practices and improving training processes.

Training Education

We study the client’s current training materials and what they are aiming to achieve. We identify where and why their training is not working for them. We then work closely with the client to develop and implement a working solution to address the problems.

Written Materials/Trainer

Working closely with clients and using their information, we create educational materials including training manuals and user guide resources to compliment day-long learning sessions covering a broad range of subjects. Dependent upon the subject under discussion, we can also provide an instructor for the session.

Learning Management System

A Learning Management System is an effective and responsive way to create, deliver, and manage content, and also track, report and assess participation and performance in e-learning courses. The system centralizes all your data, simplifying everything from providing learning materials to tracking and assessing results. We identify what kind of system each client needs, then guide them through the entire process, so that they can use it with confidence; from set-up and administration, to e-learner experience, and results gathering.


We offer excellent French language translation services from highly qualified translators that are easy to read and retain the original meaning of the text. Our experience and attention to detail mean we are comfortable working in any area of business. Our reliable and accurate translation service covers technical writing, commercial documents, websites and more.


A voice-over is often used to enhance presentations, and can be an essential part of a successful e-learning course. Our talented, professional and experienced English and French language voice-over artists can work from any script, clearly and concisely communicating the information e-learners need to understand and remember. Successfully reinforce your messages with an entertaining and informative voice-over.

Our Clients

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